Inflicting Ink Tattoo

Inflicting Ink Tattoo

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Are Incriminating Tattoos Justifiable?

Image Credit: Deadspin

For centuries tattoos have been an artistic form of personal expressions. However, they are sometimes used to express negative experiences. So how should law enforcement distinguish the line between social and incriminating tattoos? Should tattoos be used as forms of evidence in court? Read more about a recent case involving questionable tattoos.
Criminal justice experts, however, say it's hard for law enforcement to determine whether someone with a tattoo linked to a kind of crime actually did the deed. As Todd Bettencourt, a tattoo artist in North Attleborough, Massachusetts — the town where Hernandez was living at the time of the killings — said, "some people just get it because it's cool." 


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