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Inflicting Ink Tattoo

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Female Tattoo Artists Face Challeges to Break Into Business

The tattoo industry remains a male-dominated industry. Female tattoo artists face many challenges to break into the tattoo industry and make names for themselves. Some female tattoo artists get their start by working with the cosmetic aspect of tattooing, applying permanent eyeliner, permanent lip liner and such; while other female tattooists are simply artists following a passion and a dream.

The celebrity status of the super-model-tattoo-artists like Kat von D and Lea Vendetta have attracted attention to the work of female tattooists, but have also set a high standard for their female colleagues in the industry. While male tattoo artists can be a little sloppy and continue to have clients in their chairs, female tattoo artists are held to a higher standard of fashion and hygiene, and are often judged by their appearance not their work.

To read about one woman’s story of how she became a success in the tattoo industry, click on the following link:

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