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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

5 Myths About Laser Tattoo Removal and the True Facts

It's no secret that laser tattoo removal is becoming one of the most popular business opportunities in many years. Tattoo studios everywhere are considering their options and weighing the cost of tattoo removal equipment purchases with the profits and seeing the worth in ownership.

Still, there are some myths that are being perpetuated about tattoo removal and lasers in particular. While only time and customer testimonials can dispel these untruths permanently, it is always wise to counter them as they are discovered.

Myth No. 1: Tattoo Removal Is Painful.


Tattoo removal will cause you no more pain than having your tattoo did in the first place. Many customers liken the sensation to having an elastic snapped against your skin. Keeping in mind that most tattoo removal sessions last minutes, not the normal lengthy amounts of time some tattoo sessions can last, it becomes easy to understand that anyone who can get a tattoo, can withstand the marginal discomfort associated with having it removed via laser. Something else to consider are your options... creams that don't work, cost a lot, and take incredibly long amounts of time to even fade already faded work, or the more archaic, painful, and dangerous methods; which will not be named here.

Myth No. 2: Tattoo Removal Requires a Long Recovery Time


Laser tattoo removal will offer you a shorter recovery time than getting your tattoo did. Sessions are typically spaced out over the course of several weeks to allow you the time to recover and allow the ink to disperse and fade. This in turn gives the certified removal specialist a chance to see how many more treatments you may need before your tattoo is fully removed from your skin.

Myth No. 3: Laser Tattoo Removal Will Leave Scars


While this may have been true of lasers used for tattoo removal in the past, the current technology as exhibited in the Quanta Q Plus C and T laser removal system offers an experience that is free from scarring and skin damage of all kinds. A certified operator of the laser will know exactly how much time to devote to each of your removal sessions according to your specific tattoo, and your skin type, to avoid permanent damage to your skin.

Myth No. 4: My Tattoo Will Disappear After One Session of Laser Removal


This is certainly not the case in every instance, however, if you have a very old, and already very faded tattoo, you may be able to minimize your sessions with the laser substantially. Incidences of one session completely removing the average tattoo are not the norm however and you should expect to spend at least 3 to 5 sessions before you see marked results in your tattoo.

Myth No. 5: Laser Tattoo Removal is Expensive


Laser tattoo removal is as affordable, if not more so, than getting the tattoo was in the first place. If you can afford to get a tattoo, you can afford to have one removed. Reputable and reliable tattoo studios will allow you to make payments on your removals and come in for appointments according to your budget and ability to pay.

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